Essential Guide To The Best US Beach Cities

Beaches are often popular destinations for summer travelers, particularly in hot-weather climates. Beach dresses are especially popular among young women because it’s usually lightweight, thin, and low flow, making it comfortable. Generally, women should wear a lightweight sundress with a tight fitting cardigan to a beach getaway or picnic. If at all possible, sunscreen is always an accessory to bring along.


The most famous beach across the United States is Miami Beach in Florida. The beach, which is generally flat, is lined with luxurious hotels, restaurants, and water sports companies. On most sides of the beach, there are multiple rental units available to stay in and enjoy the beautiful scenery that flows past. On a clear day, the beautiful orange and black waves can be viewed clearly along the sand, giving a breathtaking view of the emerald waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

The southern end of Miami Beach has a lot of shaded areas where you can lay back and look at the picturesque scenery that flows past. South Beach is separated into three distinct parts: the Atlantic Ocean to the north, the Everglades to the south, and downtown Miami. Most surfers head their way towards the ocean when they see the waves approach. It’s common to see surfers break the waves on their boards and rent a boardsail to ride the waves back out to sea. South Beach is also known for its party scene, particularly along the trendy Ocean Drive. Here, you’ll find the hottest clubs, bars, and casual dining that you will find anywhere.

Just east of downtown Miami, is the small island of Coconut Grove, a charming community of three-story wooded houses and restaurants. Coconut Grove is notable for its quiet, safe neighborhood and nearby International Airport. For decades, this location has had a reputation for being a party destination, but in the last few years it has been gentrified and has become a more family-friendly place to be. It’s also near the Boca Raton airport and is just a short drive away from many other beaches on the southern part of Florida, making it the perfect spot for a laid-back vacation.

Just west of Coconut Grove, you’ll find Pompano Beach. It sits directly on the Gulf of Mexico and offers magnificent views of the Atlantic Ocean and the silver sands of the Atlantic. It’s one of the best-known beach communities on the Florida Gulf Coast, but it remains relatively unspoiled by human activity. While the area is still home to many marshes and bays, there are no paddle boating restrictions, which make it a prime destination for a weekend getaway. If you want to explore the underwater world of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, scuba diving is an option here, as are snorkeling trips.

In the far southern end of the state, Miami is the home of the Everglades. A series of barrier islands known as the Everglades provides some of the most beautiful views in Florida. Travel north up the eastern coast past Saint Lucie and the island of Palm Beach, which is known for its own shallow beach and natural harbor. Finally, continue along the south coast past the city of Miami, where you’ll find the longest stretch of sandy beach on the Eastern seaboard.