Is Love a Form of Attraction?


Is Love a Form of Attraction?

Romantic love isn’t all about lust and romance. It is a new, intense feeling unlike any other way of loving. Why do men fall in love with women? Loving and being loved adds so much richness to human lives. When we are loved we are happier and sometimes even healthier.

Think of yourself as falling in love with yourself. Are you more excited about life or are you more excited about the person you are having an intimate relationship with? Are you more focused on your own feelings or are you more worried about how another person is feeling? If you find yourself focusing on your own negative emotions more than the positive feelings you have for another person, this may be a sign that you are not in love with someone else but rather just in passionate love with yourself.

The passion you have for yourself is what will take you to great heights and to allow yourself to be in love with another person. You can only let yourself fall in love with someone else when you are in complete alignment with yourself. This starts with making sure that you have a fulfilling, satisfying relationship with one person and then developing that into two people in your personal and romantic relationships.

Passion can change over time into a more conscious form of love. When two people fall in love they may feel a certain familiarity. They may share the same interests and hobbies and they may have many similar friends and life goals. All of these elements make them seem to have a deep, personal connection. However, this is not really a true connection at all. All of these elements that are present in a romantic relationship are merely the outward appearance of a deeper human emotion.

Two people develop this deeper emotion through their interactions with each other. One person feels this physical attraction to another and this person wants to give that person attention, friendship, security, and other forms of physical attraction. This person desires to become close to this person because they feel this relationship is unique and different from all others. However, this person is unaware of the depth of their feelings for this person. As the relationship deepens it moves from a physical attraction to a deeper form of emotional intimacy.

True love is a unique form of human emotion that is expressed between two people in special, loving, and intimate relationships. These relationships are deep and have been developed through the development of feelings, friendship, respect, and devotion. These relationships are unique because they express and manifest human needs in unique ways.