The Main Competitive Swimming Styles in the World

Swimming is a team or solitary swimming sport that involves the physical use of one’s body to move across water. The sport usually takes place in open water or pools. Swimming has been a popular sport since ancient times and it was even more popular in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt and China. In modern times swimming has been a popular competitive sport and there are many different swimming strokes involved. It has also been a great exercise as it helps to improve your overall health.


The two main swimming styles are backstroke and freestyle. Backstroke means pulling through the water by pushing against it with the arms and legs. Freestyle on the other hand, involves using all four limbs to propel oneself from side to side. There are various techniques that are used to help swimmers use their bodies effectively in swimming. These include kicking, diving, jumping and stretching. Each of these techniques is known as a stroke.

One way of swimming that is especially useful for health reasons is freestyle. Freestyle basically means “doing what you want”. This means that swimmers use their own natural instinct and style to win. For example, a swimmer who is normally an “all around” swimmer will turn out just as well in freestyle as they would in backstroke. Although this type of swimming does not require you to use your legs much, it is very helpful for swimming and for building up your confidence. By swimming in freestyle you get a better view of how you perform and how good you are at the sport.

To be successful at competitive swimming you will need to be committed to the sport. As well as being physically fit it is important to be mentally fit. You will need to be calm and focused throughout the race. There are lots of swimmers out there who have made big gains in both abilities by using freestyle and competitive swimming.

Drag is a technique which is used in the clean and jerk. A lot of competitors in the clean and jerk are not actually using their arms but are concentrating on using their hips and legs to propel themselves forward. This means that in the olympics a very small target has to be hit to win a competition. Therefore it is much harder to qualify than it is for a swimmer to qualify for the Olympics. However, some athletes who have been invited to the olympics have won gold and silver without ever competing in a single event in the Olympics.

Breaststroke is probably the best and most popular competitive swimming technique. Swimming for the breaststroke can provide lots of health benefits for the athlete. Swimming for long periods of time is excellent for the heart and lungs. The breaststroke requires a lot of skill and technique so it is no wonder that many competitors in the Olympics have won over time. These are some of the major competitive swimming strokes which many people take part in.