What Are the Most Common Swimming Styles in the US?

Swimming has been considered as one of the best and fun exercises all over the world. People have been taking part in swimming even during ancient times when swimming was a way of life. This has now become one of the Olympic sports which are being conducted by several countries in different parts of the world. For beginners, it is important to know certain facts about swimming so that they could learn swimming at their own level. One should never expect to become a swimming champion right away especially if they do not spend much time practicing.


Swimming is actually an individual or group competitive sport wherein the usage of one’s body is required to move across water with the help of a kickboard. The game takes place mostly in open water or swimming pools. Usually, swimmers use oars or kickboards for moving across the water. When entering the water, swimmers wear an uniform that covers upper body and legs, while the women wear a short skirt and a swimming cap with a headband.

In order to compete in a swimming competition, swimming must be mastered first. The first step to master swimming is learning the stroke or technique of kicking. Most people use their arms for swimming but there are also some who prefer using their legs for swimming especially when they are in competitions. There are different types of strokes for competitive swimmers and these include breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and butterfly. To master each stroke, it is necessary to practice these strokes in a pool with an instructor so that they can be honed properly.

For those who are confident that they can just float in the pool without any training, then freestyle swimming is the best option for them. For swimmers who are confident that they can already float in the pool without any help, then they can just opt for the front crawl. It is best that swimmers just go for freestyle instead of practicing the other two swimming strokes especially if they have no prior experience. Most competitors just do not have the time to practice their own techniques.

Although there are various swimming strokes and styles available for competitors in the United States, all of them basically have the same set of rules. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you know them inside out. Although the swimming programs for swimmers in the US may differ depending on the state, they all basically have some common things in common like the requirement for a high school diploma, swimming ability and of course the required international certification for a swimmer.

As mentioned earlier, all swimmers use a swimming pool but not all of them practice all swimming strokes and styles in a pool. Some simply enjoy the water while others just do it for sport. Some swimmers use freestyle swimming as a hobby while others use it as a way to enter tournaments. Regardless of what type of swimming you do, you need to have good swimming skills. You can do this by practicing the different swimming strokes and styles.