How To Love – Expressing Your True Attraction

Love is a group of feelings and behaviors commonly associated with intimacy, romance, devotion, and caring. It involves emotional intimacy, caring, support, proximity, affection, trust, and loyalty. Love can range from light and casual to deeply personal and transcend time and space. The following are some common ways in which love is expressed and explored.


Romantic love involves strong feelings of affection for another person. It is often described as the purest form of love because it involves self-reflection, an openness that allows both people to look deeply into each other’s heart to find all the possible qualities and positives, rather than focusing on the negative aspects. Romantic love is the strongest type of love, although it is also often accompanied by feelings of guilt or even shame. Those who express romantic love often speak fondly or even embarrassingly of past romantic relationships.

Compassionate love is often described as being a more mild form of love because it involves feelings of caring and empathy for another person rather than focusing solely on the physical aspect. However, those who display compassionate feelings towards others do so out of a desire to enhance the other person’s well-being as well as to have an affective relationship with them. For those who demonstrate compassion, other people are seen as being more capable and important than objects. They may even view their partners as role models since they are able to relate to others in positive ways. People who display compassionate intimacy tend to be very supportive and caring.

Attraction is the driving force behind relationships and one another’s sense of love for one another. This emotion is most often experienced during the first few months of a relationship when feelings of romance and attraction are the strongest. As the relationship progresses, these feelings may transform into deeper levels of intimacy, which is typically accompanied by attraction towards one another.

Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) has been developed in order to help individuals learn how to better communicate with each other in order to identify the primary love style that they are most attracted to. This enables the individual to effectively communicate feelings of love towards another person by using the appropriate words and body language. It can also help them to become more proficient in choosing romantic relationships.

Aromatherapy has been found to be very effective when used in conjunction with neuro linguistic programming and NLP. The benefits of aromatherapy include the ability to affect brain regions related to emotion and memory. Brain stimulation produces endorphins which have been found to be associated with feelings of intense pleasure and satisfaction. In addition, the relaxation and soothing effects of certain scents have been found to produce feelings of love. While there may not be a direct connection between aromatherapy and romantic relationships, it is clear that the emotional responses one feels toward another person are influenced by the scents they are exposed to.