Love – How To Attract And Find It


Love – How To Attract And Find It

Love is the feeling that we have for another person, an object, a nation or an idea. Love recognizes no differences among people, and is equally boundless. It involves the respect, adoration, and gratitude we feel for the beloved. Love is a divine and perfect feeling, and it transcends every experience, thought, and action. Love embraces a range of highly positive and deep emotional states, from the purest spiritual virtue or idealistic good behavior, the strongest personal friendship, to the simplest joy.

Most of us are familiar with love at some level. For many, love has been a central or fundamental part of their childhood experience. In a young child’s imagination, love begins when he or she puts a flower in the pot, or when they place their hand in a flower’s mouth. Children love to imagine themselves in love relationships with animals and imaginary friends. When you are young, love is very real and quite beautiful; however, as you grow older, love takes on a somewhat sadder cast.

As you enter into adulthood, love tends to take on a much more cynical tone. We realize that a relationship may not last. Often we realize that the object of our love has taken someone else for granted. A partner may have said that they love us but we haven’t reciprocated. Relationships come to a natural end, and we often move on.

Love is not just a matter of emotion, though. To truly love someone, you must be capable of understanding them. We all have different perceptions about the world, and the way we view it affects how we interact with others. If you don’t know how to love someone, you can never really know them.

Love makes the world go round, brings new meaning to your existence, and is a key component to surviving in an abusive situation. Without love, you will feel constrained, lost, unwanted, unfulfilled and helpless. Love allows you to live in the moment and feel passion about what is happening in your life. It allows you to release judgment and control over situations so that you are able to be fully present with every experience.

In many cases, love is missing from our lives because we are living in the dark ages of past. We live in fear, we live in worry, and we live in apathy. We can’t seem to move forward no matter how hard we try. We need to find the courage to look deep inside ourselves and to reach out to others for love. We need to let go of our fears and our problems, and instead find love. The more time that you spend searching for love within yourself, the more fulfilled your life will become.