Swimming As a Competitive Recreation

Swimming is an Olympic sport or individual competitive sport that makes use of the whole body to move continuously through water. The sport mostly takes place in open water or swimming pools. In swimming, the competitor will use his arms, legs and torso while swimming but they can also make use of other swimming strokes such as butterfly and freestyle.


Swimming competitions are held for several different swimming strokes. Men and women compete separately and in separate classes in the swimming events. Men’s swimming competitions take place in the swimming pools while Women’s events take place in swimming pools. There is no age limit for these swimming competitions. Competitors should be at least six feet in height and have solid muscles for swimming. Some people can also participate in these swimming events if they meet the minimum requirements.

Two different strokes are used in swimming competitions, freestyle and backstroke. The winner of the event is the swimmer who wins the most number of laps. The freestyle strokes are also known as open water and split currents. In freestyle swimming, there is no requirement for entering the water and staying afloat for long periods of time. Therefore, all competitors in freestyle swimming events should have strong swimming skills for swimming with the current.

On the other hand, in backstroke, it requires a good ability to move in the water and to have good arm and leg coordination. The swimmers use arm movements such as freestyle arm strokes and backstroke arm strokes. Normally, the first part of the backstroke starts with a slow swimming movement and the swimmers use their arms only to push themselves ahead. After a few strokes, the swimming movement becomes faster and the arms are no longer needed to push the swimmer ahead.

Competitors need to have good swimming skills and agility, because they need to be able to maneuver in the water and to breathe efficiently. In open water, swimmers use both arms and legs to propel themselves ahead of the other boats. There is more room in competitive swimming than in the pools. However, there is a lot more risk involved when it comes to competitive swimming, especially for beginners. People who are new to competitive swimming need to take extra care to make sure that they do not fall behind other swimmers.

The swimming competitions are also a good way to meet other people with similar interests. It is also a good way to improve swimming skills and for the swimmers to learn from others’ mistakes. Once someone succeeds in a swimming competition, it helps them build their self-confidence and their motivation to train more. Therefore, swimming is a fun and a competitive recreational activity that everyone can enjoy.