What Makes A Good Beach?

What’s the difference between going to the beach and getting a permanent tattoo? You could always go on the beach, get some sunscreen, sit down, and have a beach body. However, most people prefer to have their bodies tanned by means of getting a beach tattoo. Beach tattoos involve having ink injected into the skin, while tanning involves simply sitting under the sun. The question now arises: Is it better to go to the beach and get a tan than to get a beach tattoo? Let’s find out!


One reason why some people may prefer to go to the beach rather than the sea is because of the beautiful view of the ocean. If you are on the beach, you can truly appreciate the beauty of the sea, whereas if you are on land, you would only be able to appreciate the beauty of the shoreline. While on the beach, you can also enjoy the nice breeze blowing across you. On land, the breeze may seem impersonal, but on the beach, it can be interpreted as “spiritual” since it helps you appreciate the environment.

Beach beaches are ideal locations for people who want to tan. Since there is less erosion on the beach than in the ocean, the water remains soft and sandy. Because of the sand and moisture, the temperature on the beach remains relatively stable compared to that in the ocean. A beach in California is often warmer than one in Ireland.

Another reason why some people like to go to the beach rather than the sea is because of the softer conditions on the beach. When you are tanning on a sandy beach, waves can still move sand and cause you discomfort. In contrast, when you are tanning on a rocky beach, waves may not move the sand and cause you pain. This means that on a sandy beach, if you choose to lie on the beach while it is warm, the wave activity may still disturb you.

A beach with gentle wave action is a good beach for swimming. The wave action tends to stay on the beach for longer periods of time. This means that it is more likely to refresh you rather than refreshing the sand on the beach.

Ocean breezes are also beneficial to beach goers. Because the wind keeps the sand from moving, it allows you to lie on sand longer. The coolness of the sand is also beneficial, allowing you to tan. In Ireland, for instance, a shingle beach is laid out along the coastline of County Kerry. The shingle beach is laid out parallel to the seashore, while the ocean current pushes the sand into the town of Killarney.